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Electronic Check Scanner

Advantages To Electronic Check Conversion with Guarantee:

  • Simplified accounting.
  • Simplified point of sale procedures.
  • Accept and process checks just like credit cards.
  • Faster availability of funds.
  • Eliminate check loss.
  • Eliminate trips to the bank.
  • Takes you out of the collection business.
  • Once you receive approval at the terminal, the transaction is guaranteed.
  • All returned items are handled by us. Any items not clearing are our responsibility.

Eliminate Any Bad Check Losses

Bad checks continue to be a costly problem. Studies show that the vast majority of check loss occurs from repeat offenders - bad check writers who write more than one bad check at more than one retail outlet. Individual retailers have been unable to combat those who intentionally abuse the check writing privilege.

Check Loss Prevention

We can provide cost-effective solutions for many retailers. Our services result in convenience for customers, elimination of delays at the register and easy training for employees.

Our System Eliminates:

  • Check deposits
  • Time-consuming paperwork
  • Refusal of Out-of-State checks
  • Returned items
  • Collecting bad checks
  • Bad check write-offs
  • Bank return item fees
  • Paper checks

How It Works

When closed, your batch is sent to us in an electronic format, just like your credit card batch. Our system automatically debits the checkwriter's account and credits your account.

Most merchants find that approximately 50% of all written-off checks are returned as "Account Closed". We stand between you and the unpleasantness of dealing with these problems. With our system you will never again be faced with returned checks, bank NSF fees or collection problems.

Guaranteed approval for a Merchant AccountNo Application Fees - Guranteed Lowest Prices
Our rate structure is designed to offer you the lowest overall cost - If you find a lower price, WE WILL BEAT THE OFFER BY 10%!

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